Requesting a Partnership

Last updated: May 22, 2020

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using our service.

We will decline all servers that are not safe for work (NSFW) directed.
If it is found that your2 server is used for illegal purposes, the request will be rejected and reported to the authorities.
You2 must provide the ID of the server owner3 in the event of an investigation.
If your2 server link is temporary, wrong, or accidently deleted it will be taken down/removed without warning
If you2 do not join the support server (Jonin Support), the partnership will be rejected.
If you2 leave the support server (Jonin Support), the partnership will be removed.
If you2 are removed from the support server (Jonin Support) due to a break in the rules, the partnership will be removed.
Below is listed some perks, you2 must agree to all of them for the partnership to be approved.
Your perks
 - Temporary promotion on most of Jonin's commands
 - A higher limit for command requests from the users in your2 server who are existent in the server before the date of partnership and the commands must follow command guidelines
Our perks
 - A channel specified for us1 to promote Jonin or use for our1 own reasons
 - Full access to the channel for us1.
In the case that we1 are removed from your2 server, the partnership will be removed
We1 hold the right to remove your2 partnership without reason.
The partnership should be beneficial to you2 and us1.
Any break in these guidelines will cause the partnership to be removed
Bot requests are limited to 1 per account, the partnership does not change that fact.

[1] The term “we” and “us” refers to all approved users of Jonin which is categorized as all developers and moderators of Jonin
[2] The term “you” and “your” refers to you, the requester or the group requesting the addition or modification of a bot
[3] The term “owner” refers to the following Discord users: Kurasad#2521 & Mayu#2989
These guidelines are not open to be reused, to use these guidelines for your own purpose you must contact Kurasad#2521 on Discord.

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