Requesting the creation of a Command

Last updated: May 22, 2020

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using our service.

The requested commands should not be a currently existing command, to see a full list of currently active commands on Jonin use the `//help full` command to get messages with the full command list directly messaged to you by Jonin.
If we1 decide to repurpose or improve upon an existing command to meet the requirements, it will count as your2 request.
The requested command will be made in JavaScript (JS)
The requested command must be directed to be safe for work (SFW), a safe for work command should not contain content that is illegal or directed to have content that involves info that should not be available to users under the average legal age.
Not safe for work (NSFW) commands will NOT be accepted, unless approved by an owner3, this command does allow content that should not be available to users under the average legal age, but still cannot have content that is illegal.
If we1 decide to reject the requested command, you2 can use the request for a different command, in this case the new command should still follow the rules stated in this guidelines.
We1 hold the right to remove the requested command if necessary or requested by you2.
If the command is held illegal, it will be removed/rejected and we1 will contact the required authorities, and are not held liable to your2 actions.
You2 hold the right to ask why your request has been rejected in the circumstance that it happens.
Once a command is successfully operational, if it is later decided to be removed you may not request another command unless your server is in partnership and follows the partnership guidelines.
If a command request is not seen to be properly requested or badly worded, we1 are not liable to the final version and can remove the command if it is not seen fit.
If you2 wish to remove or temporarily disable their requested command, they will have the right to do so.
You2 do not have any rights over the requested command or Jonin other than the ones listed in these guidelines.
If you2 do not join the support server (Jonin Support), it will be used as a reason to reject a command request.
If you2 leave the support server (Jonin Support), it implies that full control over the command is given to us1.
If you2 are removed from the support server (Jonin Support) due to a break in the rules, it is implied that full control over the command is given to us1.
You2 hold the power to transfer the requested command to a different user, which does not give you the power to request another command unless your server is in partnership and follows the partnership guidelines.
If a command is removed once successfully operational, you2 must directly contact the owners3 or email for a request for re-approval.
If any rule in this Command guidelines is broken by you2, it implies that you2 are giving us1 full access to the command and that you will take full responsibility for any allegations held against us1.
You2 can request improvements to the requested command and will not require another command request as long as the modification does not change the purpose of the command.
Any help or questions should be directed to the owners3 or emailed to
If we1 fail to respond or decide not to accept a request, we1 are not held liable.
If a command is requested through the website, then the terms of use, terms and conditions, and privacy policy all apply you2 and must be followed for the command request to be queued for approval.
If this command is later seen to be misused, we1 have the right to remove or revoke access by you2, this includes giving us1 full access to the command.
By following this guideline you2 are giving us1 the right to track and manage the requested command.
Tracking a requested command includes the following: command usage, command count, command data, and command content.
When requesting a command, you2 are accepting the fact that the command will be added to Jonin.
If you2 decide to not to accept these guidelines, then you request will not be approved and your request will be nullified.
If you2 do not wish this command to be on Jonin and wish to have a personal bot, please see the Bot Creation Guidelines.
Any problems you2 encounter by the requested command will have to be added the report queue with the `//report` command and may be fixed when a developer is available.
The command must follow Discord's Terms of Service, including no selfbot activity or creation of a command that acts as a selfbot, and no directly messaging all users of a group of users in a server.
You2 are also agreeing to the fact that your command will not be available during an outage of Discord or Jonin.
If a command exists and your2 request to modify the command is not seen as an improvement to the command, it can be rejected.

[1] The term “we” and “us” refers to all approved users of Jonin which is categorized as all developers and moderators of Jonin
[2] The term “you” and “your” refers to you, the requester or the group requesting the addition or modification of a bot
[3] The term “owner” refers to the following Discord users: Kurasad#2521 & Nina#3643
These guidelines are not open to be reused, to use these guidelines for your own purpose you must contact Kurasad#2521 on Discord.

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